CF3 Pro Nylon Line

With CF3 Pro, a high-strength mowing line is realized. The 3 component line is made from high-quality polyamide, increasing the service life of the mowing line. Thanks to the twist, the whistling noise generated when mowing is noticeably quieter. What is more, the new cruciform profile ensures improved mowing performance and neatly trimmed edges. The high-tech mowing line is compatible with many STIHL mowing heads.

Versions Price
Nylon Line - CF3 Pro - 2.7mm X 27M - Carbon $23.00 *
Nylon Line - CF3 Pro - 3.0mm X 45M - Carbon $39.00 *
Nylon Line - CF3 Pro - 3.0mm X 22M - Carbon $23.00 *
Nylon Line - CF3 Pro - 2.7mm X 55M - Carbon $39.00 *

Prices valid from 1/1/18 to 28/2/18.
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