Guide Bar - Rollomatic E - .325" - 11Z

Setback reduced standard rail. Universally applicable. Sprocket 11 teeth.

High-quality standard with excellent cutting and piercing power. Primary Use: Ideal for universal applications in forestry and agriculture, and for occasional users. Rail body: Three-welded metal plates. The middle is cut out over a large area. This high stability at very favorable weight. Saw chain runs over exchangeable, robust bearing sprocket with 11 teeth, which must not be lubricated.

Versions Price
Guide Bar - Rollomatic E - .325" .063" - 50CM/20’’ $90.00*
Guide Bar - Rollomatic E - .325" .063" - 45CM/18’’ $80.00*
Guide Bar - Rollomatic E - 0.325" .063" - 45CM/18’’ $80.00*
Guide Bar - Rollomatic E - 0.325" .063" - 40CM/16’’ $70.00*
Guide Bar - Rollomatic E - .325" .063" - 40CM/16’’ $75.00*
Guide Bar - Rollomatic E - 0.325" .063" - 35CM/14’’ $70.00*

*Prices are valid from the 01/08/2021 to 31/10/2021.
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